SCLF Conference 2017

“8th Annual Conference on the Advances in Land Contamination Assessment and Remediation” – 6th September 2017, Room 105, Stenhouse Wing, University of Strathclyde Business School, 199 Cathedral Street, Glasgow, G4 0RQ. 

The conference presentations are listed below, unfortunately none of the presentations were made available for the SCLF web-site:

Jane Dottridge , Mott Macdonald: “Challenges for sustainable remediation in a changing environment”.

Kathryn Johnson, ERM: “Sustainable high resolution site characterisation using integrated techniques at a fractured bedrock site in the UK”.

Neil Coyne, RSK: “Real time data capture and visualisation to support and document remediation of a former oil depot site”.

Jack Shore, Regenisis: “Long term performance and practical application of liquid activated carbon”.

Palle Ejlskov, Ejlskov: “High resolution sampling and surgical injection of BOS200 to successfully eliminate LNAPL and treat a large hydrocarbon plume”.

Hayden Cole, RAW Technology: “Managing risk from infrastructure and gasworks sites (exposure and air monitoring)”.

Neil Salvidge, PAGeotechnical: “Engineered solutions for ground gas and vapour protection measures”.

Andrew Fellows, Atkins: “An update on generic quantitative risk assessment in Scotland”.

Mike Mueller, Peroxychem: “Peroxychem – Innovative formulations for reductive absorption and precipitation of heavy metals using elemental iron, iron sulphides and related reactive minerals”.

Jennifer Niven, AECOM: “Remediation design process for the remediation of hexavalent chromium at a brownfield site Scotland using calcium polysulphide and ferrous sulphate”.

This year’s conference is sponsored by RAW Group, Concept Life Sciences, Landmark Information Group and Ejlskov.

Archived Conference Presentations

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