SCLF Conference 2018

Thanks to everyone who presented, provided posters, sponsorship, and who attended our ninth conference. Presentations are available at the links below:

Tom Henman, RSK Environmental: Investigating NAPL behaviour in a complex fractured bedrock environment for risk assessment and remediation design

Chris Speight, OHES: Contaminated land – but not as you know it!

Thomas Aspray, ERS Remediation: Inorganic and organic amendments for bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil

Jen Whelan, ARUP: Contaminated land risk management for the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Robert Shaw, AVER: Decommissioning: plans that can inform the remediation

Steve Wilson, EPG: Screening approach for landfill gas migration around landfill sites

Pauline Gulliver, NERC: Radiocarbon: a tool to trace the sources of methane and CO2 in ground gas.”

Simon Talbot, GGS: “Continuous ground gas monitoring – has it come of age?

Dave Cooke, The Coal Authority: “Treatment of metal mines and mine-water

Posters can be found here.

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