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ERS is a specialist remediation and site investigation contractor that has focused on contaminated soil and groundwater throughout the UK for over 25 years. As an independent Employee Owned company, all of our staff are committed to delivering the right solution for each site and every client. So far this has involved remediating more than 1 million tonnes of soil and investigating over 1,000 sites from petrol stations to chemical works; chlorinated solvents to hexavalent chromium

ERS is headquartered in Glasgow and we are delighted to support the 2021 SCLF conference.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

ERS was initially established as a specialist remediation contractor and completed bioremediation and soil vapour extraction projects in the 1990s. Over time our technical capabilities have expanded so that we can now demonstrate a track record in:

  • In-situ chemical oxidation / reduction

  • In-situ and ex-situ bioremediation

  • Stabilisation and solidification

  • Process based remediation: from pump and treat to NAPL recovery and vacuum based systems such as SVE, MPE and VER, including an award winning chromium remediation system

The application of each technique is designed and implemented in collaboration with the client and their consultants to ensure that it is tailored to the site’s requirements.

Materials Management and Waste Management

ERS can prepare and deliver comprehensive Materials Management Plans in accordance with CL:AiRE Code of Practice and our waste specialists provide cost effective disposal solutions for surplus soils, or segregation and recovery including undertaking landfill mining or mixed waste disposal.

Site Investigation

ERS’ drilling capabilities were initially established to ensure accurate installation of wells and precise delivery of in-situ treatments.  ERS now offers a full range of site investigation services supervised by experienced engineering geologists to cover all your geoenvironmental and geotechnical needs. Alongside extensive experience and a detailed understanding of available investigation techniques ERS is able to provide:

  • High Resolution Site Characterisation using pXRF and a variety of hydrocarbon analytical techniques

  • Detailed hydrogeological characterisation

  • Groundwater and ground gas monitoring and sampling using modern equipment and trained field scientists

All delivered by staff who fully appreciate the hazards of contaminated land and the importance of accurate data.

Invasive Weeds

ERS’ invasive weed specialists deliver management and treatment of a wide range of invasive species to ensure that we can address all forms of on-site contamination.  Our specialists work with homeowners, property developers, local authorities and other stakeholders to identify, assess, manage and remediate land that’s infested with invasive weeds.

Treatability laboratory

All of ERS’ services are supported by an in-house treatability laboratory at our Glasgow Head Office where our scientists assess soils and waters and optimise remediation using a variety of techniques including:

  • Respirometry – to demonstrate factors improving bioremediation or efficiency of chemical oxidation

  • qPCR – to characterise and monitor microbiological populations


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